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Placement Learning

Students may have to undertake a placement as part of their programme of study. These often take place off-campus in industry related to the student's programme of study.

As such, placements are very important parts of courses. However, the University has a responsibility to ensure that the student learns relevant skills on their placement and this is reflected in the Policy for Placement Learning and the Guidance for Staff on Placement Learning. These documents were produced in July 2021 and replace the former Principles and Procedures for Student Placements on Taught Programmes.

A template for confidential disclosure agreements, to be completed where the company requires this, is also available for use for students on placements.

The University's Health and Safety Services have produced University Health & Safety Arrangements: Chapter 16 - Student placements (including medical placements subject to endorsements), which contains guidance on health and safety issues as part of student placements: