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Fieldwork and field courses

Temporary Safety Guidance for undertaking field courses during Covid-19, for use during the 2020/21 academic year, has been produced (January 2021)

General guidance on fieldwork and field courses:

The field is a significant site of learning for some disciplines. It is place where learning in teams may be particularly appropriate for a number of reasons.

Work in the field has to be safe and risks have to be assessed:

a) Students must be informed that they may have to contribute to the cost of fieldwork before admission to the programme.

b) Students must be informed of the amount that they will have to contribute to the cost of a field course before they register for it.

c) For any work in the field, a member of staff must write a risk assessment.

d) Students must be made aware of the risks and should never normally work alone, from the viewpoint of safety.

e) Students must be informed of the location of the nearest hospital before going on a field course.

f) Students must inform staff of any illnesses/allergies/conditions that they may have before going on a field course. They must also inform staff of any medicines that they are taking and any medicines to which they are allergic.

g) Staff must take an appropriate first aid kit that is accessible for students on a field course.

h) Teams of students may work together in the field but still be asked to submit individual reports, if individual assessment is desired. Team reports may also be appropriate.

i) Advice on disability and fieldwork can be obtained from the Disability Advisory and Support Service.

j) Students must be reminded that they are ambassadors of the University when on fieldwork.

k) Staff members and students involved in arranging or participating in fieldwork should comply with the University Health and Safety Arrangements: Chapter 24 - Off Campus Work including field work, field trips and business travel.