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Programme handbook checklist

The following is suggested as the minimum contents for a programme handbook; individual Schools may wish to supplement this suggested list of contents with additional School or programme specific content as appropriate.

List of contents

A statement of the definition and status of the programme handbook (see above)

General information

  • Full name of School;
  • Date of publication;
  • Welcome statement from Head of School;
  • List of immediate contacts with e-mails, telephone numbers and locations (including Head of School, Programme Director and administrative contact/s);
  • Key dates in the academic year (including a timetable for the programme if possible);
  • Position and use of notice boards and pigeonholes (where relevant);
  • Health and safety information;
  • Programme overview full title of programme/s covered by the handbook;
  • Aims and learning outcomes of the programme;
  • Summary of the programme structure;
  • Modes of study;
  • URL for outlines of units (the outlines do not need to be included in full in the programme handbook);
  • Professional and statutory body requirements (where relevant);
  • The Student Charter **;
  • Name, role and institution of the External Examiner plus statement about the role of External Examiners (see below*) **.

Teaching, learning and assessment

Student progression

  • Attendance requirements **
  • Information on the way in which a student can progress through the programme
  • Consequences of unsatisfactory progress
  • How to change, interrupt or withdraw from a programme

Student support

Student representation and feedback

Learning resources available within the School (and Faculty where appropriate)

* General statement about the role of External Examiners:

External Examiners are individuals from another institution or organisation who monitor the assessment processes of the University to ensure fairness and academic standards. They ensure that assessment and examination procedures have been fairly and properly implemented and that decisions have been made after appropriate deliberation. They also ensure that standards of awards and levels of student performance are at least comparable with those in equivalent higher education institutions.

Note: The TLSD ADP team has produced some suggested text for inclusion in Programme Handbooks, or other module information, to explain who External Examiners are; a template for Schools to add the name, role and institution of External Examiners for specific programmes/subjects; and information about the requirement to share External Examiners' reports with students. This suggested text can be found here.


**  centrally provided information