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Student Complaints Procedure

This Procedure is available for students registered for programmes of study at the University.  The University defines a complaint as ‘an expression of dissatisfaction by one or more students about the University’s action or lack of action, the standard of service provided by or on behalf of the University, or unacceptable behaviours as defined by the Policy on Dignity at Work and Study'.

It  is designed for complaints in respect of the student’s experience at the University related to:

(a) the provision of programmes, or parts of programmes of study, services or facilities by the University;

(b) the actions or lack of actions by the University or its staff;

(c) allegations of harassment, discrimination, victimisation and/or bullying by a student or member of staff (Dignity at Work and Study Policy:’

The Complaints Procedure does not cover the following, for which separate procedures exist (as noted in brackets):

  • appeals relating to examinations or assessments or to academic progress or against expulsion or exclusion on academic grounds (Regulation XIX Academic Appeals Procedure);
  • complaints involving an allegation of misconduct by a student (Regulation XVII, Conduct and Discipline of Students);
  • complaints against the Students’ Union (Code of Practice on the Students’ Union).

Student complaints are handled through the following Regulation:

For the Student Complaints Form visit:

For the guidance available to students please visit:

A leaflet on the Student Complaints process has been produced for students and is available online at: