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Conduct and discipline of students

The Regulation

Statute XXI and Ordinance XXXIX, Conduct, discipline, and academic progress of students (found within the University’s Ordinances), requires that every student shall maintain at all times and in all places an acceptable standard of conduct and shall comply with regulations made by the University or by the authorities of any institution or organisation which a student may be required to work in or visit as part of his or her prescribed programme of study. In accordance with Statute XXI and Ordinance XXXIX, Senate has the power to expel or to suspend or to exclude from programmes of study or to impose a fine or other lesser penalty upon any student found guilty of misconduct or breach of discipline.

The exercise of Senate’s power in relation to misconduct is delegated through Regulation XVII (Conduct and Discipline of Students), via bodies such as investigators into disciplinary issues, Summary Disciplinary Panels and the University Disciplinary Panel. 

Strategic oversight of conduct and discipline at the University is maintained by the Student Conduct and Discipline Committee.  The operation of the discipline function is spread University-wide and many staff have a role to play.  The Division of Campus Life is the primary policy contact (c/o Sarah Littlejohn (Head of Campus Life) and Matt Valentine (Student Conduct and Discipline Manager)). 

The Division of Teaching, Learning and Student Development (TLSD - formerly the TLSO, Teaching and Learning Support Office) is the institutional point of contact for the majority of appeals (excluding suspension appeals) made under this Regulation.

For definitions of student misconduct, overarching disciplinary principles and process, please visit:

Key discipline procedures and guidance

Student Discipline Referral Form (For staff)

Form to be used to collect information for the consideration of a student being referred for disciplinary action to their Faculty or the central University Student Disciplinary Panel: