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New Starters

Support for new starters

Welcome to The University of Manchester.

This section will provide all the course information to help you settle into life here at the University of Manchester. If you have any further questions, please contact or call 0161 275 2525



Online and classroom training

Welcome event for all new staff

  • TIC1: University Welcome Event
    All new members of staff are invited to this short informal session where you will find out more about what it's like to work here at The University of Manchester. The session is led by a senior representative from Human Resources and there will be plenty of opportunities for you to ask any questions about the University, or your employment here.

    It also features a welcome from a senior colleague.

Key health and safety course for all newly appointed staff

  • THS1E: Online Health & Safety Induction (Staff)
    The Staff Health and Safety Induction course (THS1E) must be completed by all new members of staff and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete.
  • Fire Awareness E Learning
    Fire brigades in the UK attend over 36,000 workplace fires a year. This session will cover the University's general procedures and arrangements in respect of fire and emergencies, guidance for emergency evacuation, and practical advice on how to avoid fires in the workplace and ensure safety if a fire does occur.
    At the end of the course delegates will have an effective awareness of fire and how fire risk is controlled in the workplace; understand the causes of fire and be aware of how fire spreads; be able to employ fire prevention techniques; understand the University's Policy and Procedures in respect of fire and building evacuations; be aware of the role of the Evacuation Marshal; have a general understanding of how to use hand held fire extinguishers; appreciate the risks involved when attempting to extinguish a fire using hand held fire extinguishers.
  • Office Safety E Learning
    The Office Safety Online course is designed to help staff of all levels identify and reduce the risks associated with the use of daily hazards in the workplace. By the end of this course candidates will have an understanding of the health implications associated with workstation ergonomics, manual handling, electrical safety, slips, trips and falls and how risks can be reduced.

In addition to the above courses your line manager or supervisor should support you with a local induction, completing the "Health and safety induction checklist" available in the "New starters induction information".

Data protection and information governance course

  • TBF26 Data protection
    Many staff regularly handle the personal data of staff, students, research participants and others. For example, it's common practice to create files of all relevant data relating to an individual student or member of staff, as a record of that person's time studying or working at the University. The University must process personal data according to the principles set out in the Data Protection Act 1998. The requirement to comply with this Act, in protecting the rights and privacy of individuals, imposes certain responsibilities which staff must fully understand.
    The Data Protection online course covers the minimum requirements for staff who handle personal data.

Diversity in the workplace training