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Supervising at Manchester

This programme has been designed to help new and existing supervisors develop in their role and address the specific challenges that supervising staff brings.

The programme helps you to improve your confidence in a range of supervisory skills, meet people in similar roles through facilitated action learning groups, share experiences and learn how to best manage a variety of situations. You will also have the opportunity to identify areas for self-development of skills and understanding across a range of topics from motivating staff, conducting effective performance and development reviews, building confidence and having difficult conversations.

To support your ongoing development, you will be asked to reflect on your learning and to identify how you will put it into practice what you have learnt before compiling a personal development plan for the year following completion of the programme.

Step 1: University Mandatory Requirements

The first part of the programme will be to ensure you have undertaken and completed the University Mandatory training. This includes: 

  • University Health and Safety Induction

  • Fire Safety Awareness

  • Fire Evacuation Marshal Training

  • Office Safety

  • Information Security and Data Protection


  • Diversity in the Workplace

  • Unconcious Bias

Step 2: University Job Specific Requirements

Structured discussion with the participants line manager to ensure that any mandatory job specific learning and development relating to their role has been completed. 

Step 3: Mandatory Module for Completion

The course will then have some mandatory modules for completion. All of these modules must be completed, these include: 

  • Attendance and participation at a minimum of 2 action learning sets
  • Recruiting Staff at Manchester (if involved in recruitment and selection)
  • Conducting effective Performance and Development Reviews (P&DRs)

Step 4: Selected Modules for Completion

6 modules or elements must be selected and completed by the participant, options include: 

  • Effective use of email (LinkedIn)
  • Managing Remote and Hybrid Teams (Workshop on zoom)
  • Having Difficult Conversations (Workshop on zoom)
  • Enter into a one-to-one coaching relationship (Online meetings)
  • Enter into a one-to-one mentoring relationship (Online meetings)
  • Completion of 2 Mindset self-coaching modules (Online)
  • Coaching Skills for Managers (Workshop on zoom)
  • Coaching Lessons (Video)
  • Managing and Developing Individual Performance (Workshop on zoom)
  • Successful Delegation (Workshop on zoom)
  • Communicating Assertively (Workshop on zoom)
  • Giving Feedback Effectively (Workshop, LinkedIn and Online course options)

Step 5: Mandatory Reflection

Following on from each module, participants will be expected to write a short reflection on what has been learnt and how it will be applied in the workplace. 

Future Planning and Continued Development

The onus is on the participant to provide evidence of completion, reflections and a Personal Development Plan for the 12 next months before accreditation of completion of Supervising at Manchester.


Applications for Supervising at Manchester are now open - Click here to apply.