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The Management Development Framework

The Management Development Framework identifies key areas of management capability, which will help to achieve more effective line management at the University of Manchester. The Framework is developed on best practice and is intended to support the personal development of current and aspiring managers at the University.

It consists of Management Qualities; key combinations of skills, behaviours and knowledge, which are broken down into Management Practices; specific examples of qualities in action.

The Framework will be used to support the personal development of managers at the University, and is aligned to the Managing at Manchester programme.


The Management Framework Self-Assessment Tool

The self-assessment tool has been developed for current and aspiring managers to apply the framework to their own development, by reflecting on their strengths and development areas, and getting feedback from their line manager.

Please read the how to guide before launching the tool. The guide will provide greater understanding of how the tool can be used in a number of contexts to support building capability and progression.


Learning Resources related to each capability statement

The Management Development Self-Assessment tool will identify areas for Professional Development. You can examine these resources in full below. Content is presented through the 70:20:10 model which identifies that 70% of the learning we undertake is achieved through experience, 20% is through social means and 10% is from more formal learning avenues such as training courses and programmes.

The professional development resources listed within each capability include courses and programmes delivered through Learning & Organisational Development alongside options from LinkedIn Learning, the L&D Toolkit and TED talks, Coaching or Mentoring, as well as on-the-job learning.