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virtual delivery

Online Programme delivery

This established programme is delivered online using a blended approach that combines self-directed online learning with facilitated virtual workshops. Delegates have stressed that the flexibility and convenience of meeting online allows them to attend.

Online learning portal hosted on Blackboard

A core feature of the programme is self-directed learning which sits alongside the facilitated sessions. These materials are hosted online through Blackboard allowing participants to work at their own convenience, and participate in online discussion forums and peer collaboration in between sessions.

Facilitated virtual workshops

The facilitated parts of the programme are delivered virtually by a combination of the Learning and Organisational Development Team, external management experts, and researcher development colleagues. A module is liklely to follow the format in the table below

09:30-10:30 Facilitated group session on Zoom
10:30-11:00 Short individual activity offline
11:00-12:00 Facilitated group session on Zoom
12:00-13:30 Short group exercise & lunch
13:30-15:00 Facilitated group session on Zoom and Review

Feedback on virtual delivery

Feedback from 2022-23 cohorts

91% agree the programme was a good use of their time
95% would recommend the programme to others
95% see facilitation as excellent/good
82% rated the programme excellent/good overall

[response rate 61%]

 Feedback on Action Learning Sets (ALS)

'ALS was really productive and made me realise asking the right question is a big help to solve any problem.'
'ALS good to share but also to listen to people - putting into practice listening to your team and setting direction.'
'Enjoyed it. Most helpful part of the course. Will help me bring a coaching approach to my line management.'
'The ALS approach has helped me adjust my approach from advice-giving, to an approach that enables others to come to their own conclusions.'

Feedback from past delegates on the programme

‘I really enjoyed the practical parts of the course, interacting with others, getting to know their work situation; also the post-learning reflection helped me to reinforce what I have learnt during each module.'

'The course was very well-organised, full of useful information and activities.'

'This course really increased my confidence as a manager. It also made me focus on specific goals and results, and not so much on the drama and negative feelings that can come from managing projects and people. And I feel like I have a lot more tools to address problems and get the best out of people. Thank you!.'

'The course helped me start to develop a coaching culture in my interactions with phD students. Changing from more mentoring conversations to open questions and understanding their motivations. Its also given me some great examples to use in job interviews that I would not have considered as my management experience before.'

'Really useful to link up with people around the uni in different fields and see of the challenges are shared. Great group.'

'I can think of almost nothing I didn't like or didn't find useful. I didn't use everything, but just because some things spoke more to my personality or experience, not because they weren't useful.' 

Feedback from recent delegates on the benefits of the programme:

‘The personal interaction allowed us to employ the communication skills that were emphasised during the modules. Learning through each other's experiences was the most valuable component.’

‘Accessibility of the course due to online delivery - able to join from the lab, no need to commute, or more convenient for working schedule and around other commitments.’

‘I've started to observe my line manager and understand the processes around me. I'm applying for lectureships and an awareness of management has been very useful in structuring research group plans.’

‘I have become more engaged with academic citizenship, to add skills, wider experience of working with teams, and because I have gained the confidence that I can make a valuable contribution.’

‘As only an emerging manager with limited direct reports and managerial responsibilities, I will be using the knowledge gained from the programme to set out on my journey as a manager with a good set of tools to try and develop and get the best out of my future team members and direct reports.’