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Learn, Lead, Progress.

Learning & Organisational Development would like to share resources, ideas, guidance and opportunities to support your development and career progression at the University.

We aim to do this via our Learn, Lead, Progress communication campaign which covers various learning topics. Look out for this in the weekly University E-Update newsletter.



Learning is continuous and most of it happens on the job and not in the training room. You may have come across the 70:20:10 model that suggests that individuals obtain 70% of their knowledge from job-related experiences, 20% from interactions with others through social learning, including coaching and mentoring, and 10% from formal education and training. Understanding this is critical to your development.

How have you learned over the past year? Who have you learned from?

As an organisation, we have adapted quickly to working differently and this has also changed the way we learn.  We have all had to learn quickly on the job to work, educate, research, lead and manage differently. There has been tremendous learning in action and collaboration with others, as well as a significant uptake of online and self-directed learning resources.

How do you want to learn over the coming year?



We will share relevant resources and ideas that we have curated to support you as a manager, leader or aspiring leader.


"It is vital to The University of Manchester that we have effective, capable and engaged leaders and managers throughout this incredible organisation. It is very often the quality of leadership and management that makes it possible for all colleagues to achieve their potential at work. In this way, your work benefits people in many different ways both locally and around the world."    

                                            -- Professor Nancy Rothwell, President and Vice-Chancellor


Everyone can be a leader in their role – we can all inspire, lead and motivate people.  To achieve this, we want to support your development as a leader, manager or supervisor, or as part of your career development into a new role.

Leading, Managing and Supervising at the University

Managers’ Essentials


Would you like progress your career and wondering where to start? 

We will share resources to support your career and personal progression, while supporting the Our Future – the University’s vision and strategic plan.

As an organisation, we will only continue to progress and be successful in our goals if all of our staff and students continue to grow and develop.  So, whether you are looking for a big change or just want to be more effective and fulfilled in your current role, we will share plenty of resources to support your professional development.  

We hope you find something to help plan your progression over the coming year and support the University to advance education, knowledge and wisdom for the good of society.