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Resources for individuals during uncertain times

Here is a list of resources that we thought you may need over the coming months as the University begins our COVID recovery. These resources are a combination of University managed resources and external links. Some of the links will require you to login with your University sign in and some will need to be access via an assigned LinkedIn license.

To register for a free LinkedIn Learning license, please click here.

University information on coronavirus

Useful information and links relating coronavirus and how the University is supporting staff:

Coronavirus Staffnet page

Coronavirus FAQs

Staff FAQ's update - (6 Jan 2021) - working arrangements and support

Working from home including equipment updates - (13 Jan 2021)

What Works in Lockdown – your views wanted

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (Furlough Leave) Staffnet pages

Coronavirus Useful Links

Voluntary Measures for Staff site on Staffnet 

Campus reopening and corporate support (internal guidance)

Annual Leave calculator updated to accommodate 24th July University holiday.

Update on Furlough leave and key worker payment (21 July 2020)

Managing Flexible Working Requests

The following topic areas are in alphabetical order and can be expanded to access learning resources and important links on each topic.

Career development

L&OD Career Development pages (webpages with resources, tips and learning)

L&D Toolkit Playlist: Career Management (various short articles)

LinkedIn Learning Path: Staying Positive and Productive during Uncertainty (career development)


Coaching SL&D Staffnet pages (internal guidance, resources and access to individual coaching)

Mindset Self Coaching Resources 

Personal development planning

Creating your Personal Development Plan (internal guidance and supporting resources)

Getting the best from online learning (internal guidance)

Online self-development platforms (L&OD online development resources)


Personal resilience

Mindset Self Coaching Resources: Resilience

L&D Toolkit: Coping with uncertainty (article)

L&D Toolkit Playlist: Personal Resilience (various short articles)

LinkedIn Learning Collection:  Developing Personal Resilience for Change (playlist of relevant courses)

TSLD2001 Developing Personal Resilience for Change (virtual workshop)

Personal skills

Links to our playlists, collections and other learning resources for personal skills: 

·      Personal confidence: L&D Toolkit PlaylistLinkedIn Learning Collection

·      Communicating assertively: L&D Toolkit PlaylistLinkedIn Learning Collection

·      Email management: LinkedIn Learning Collection

·      Emotional intelligence at work: L&D Toolkit PlaylistLinkedIn Learning Collection

·      Networking and relationship building: LinkedIn Learning: Professional Networking

·      Negotiation: L&D Toolkit resources, LinkedIn Learning: Negotiation Foundations

·      Problem solving and decision making: LinkedIn Learning Path: Develop Critical-Thinking, Decision-Making, and Problem-Solving Skills

·      Presentation skills: L&D Toolkit PlaylistLinkedIn Learning Collection

·      Influencing skills: L&D Toolkit PlaylistLinkedIn Learning Collection


TSLD011 Online learning: Difficult conversations, Feedback, Influencing and Presentation skills (internal eLearning resources)

L&D Toolkit:  University of Manchester Popular Playlists


LinkedIn Learning: University of Manchester Learning Collections

Project management

Guide to developing your project management capabilities (Adobe spark article)

Project Management Development pages (internal pages)

LinkedIn Learning Pathway: Become a project manager

LinkedIn Learning Pathway: Become a project coordinator

LinkedIn Learning Collection: Project Management - Practitioner Level

L&D Toolkit Playlist: Project Management Overview

LinkedIn Learning Collection: Process Improvement


Coronavirus – wellbeing support webpages

Wellbeing Support on StaffNet (internal webpages and supporting resources)

University Counselling Service

Wellbeing through change support (internal webpages and supporting resources)

L&D Toolkit Playlist: Personal Wellbeing (various short articles)

Working remotely

Working remotely webpages

L&D Toolkit Playlist: Working Remotely (various short articles)

Staffnet news: Working from home (see all FAQs)

ITS Guide to working remotely  at The University of Manchester (guidance document)

Media Services Zoom information page

Media Services Zoom guide (internal guide to using Zoom)

How to prevent Zoom bombing: 5 simple tips (external site)

Security tips for using Zoom (external site)

Microsoft Office 365 support pages (Staffnet pages)

StaffNet information about setting up your workstation (health and safety guidance)

Zoom Users Yammer Group (hints, tips and tech support)