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Staff involved in Teaching and Learning

This section contains information on career development guidance, tips and opportunities for staff involved in teaching and learning at the University.

Biology, Medicine and Health

The Centre for Academic and Researcher Development offers a variety of face-to-face training programmes and development opportunities for postgraduate students, research and academic staff.

Academic staff can also access eLearning support and resources.


The Faculty offers a number of training opportunities for postgraduate, teaching and research staff to help them with their personal and professional progression.

Academics have access to training and resources specific to eLearning:

Science and Engineering

Academic Support, Teaching Innovation and Development offer a number of programmes, resources and opportunities for FSE postgraduate and academic staff.

Academic staff can also get support and training on eLearning.

Developing yourself

At the university:

External links:

Resources for teaching and learning

From the university:

External links:

  • Learn Higher - teaching and learning resources for Higher Education

Awards, funding and policies

  • CHERIL – the university’s Centre for Higher Education Research, Innovation and Learning - events, funding and awards for teaching excellence
  • Teaching and Learning – university policies and guidance