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A diagram explaining that COPs have value in short and long term to both members and the organisation

What is a community of practice and what do they do?

Put simply a Community of Practice can be a group of people who share a common concern, interest or passion and learn how to do it better or improve it by interacting regularly; you may well be involved in one already without realising.

Before you start to set one up, check that one doesn’t already exist in the Faculty/University that you could utilise.


People use COPs to:

  • Solve problems, share best practice, foster innovation and collaboration;
  • Provide a forum where members teach and learn from each other irrespective of their position
  • Be more connected and share knowledge
  • Support each other
  • Build trust
  • Connections
  • Encourages
  • Empowers
  • Breaks barriers
  • Allows you to focus on detail
  • Improve processes