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Effective working

Effective working

This section contains guidance and resources that will enable you to work smarter making you more effective in your role.

Classroom training

  • TMS104: Email hell to email heaven
    Have you ever felt out of control or stressed by emails? Do you get copied in on emails you don't need? Did you ever feel fed up with the relentless demands of email? This information and practical session will revolutionise your use of email.

  • TBF11: Minutes, meetings and agenda
    This one-day event is for all staff who have to service formal and informal meetings within the University. The course will explore how to structure agendas, how to take and write up concise and relevant notes and minutes and how to manage the meetings process to make best use of time. This course is in high demand therefore you may want to review the self-directed resources above ahead of attending this course. 

  • TBF41: Speedwriting
    Do you have to take notes in meeting, write down telephone messages, remember long lists of tasks from your manager or are you a student attending lectures? So many of us take notes and yet have no struture to, or system for, our writing. This workshop will enable you to learn a system that works for you to improve your efficiency, add to your skills and career development and give you a chance to avoid the stress of trying to take notes with only long hand techniques. 


  • TLMS115 Successful Delegation

    Being able to let go and delegate tasks to others can be one of the hardest managerial responsibilities. The temptation is just to do it yourself, thinking you can do it better, faster and save the time it would take to explain it properly. This misconception can lead to problems for you and your team. The lack of delegation will leave you overwhelmed with work and not allow you the time to focus on more strategic projects or develop yourself. It will also lead to a disgruntled and demotivated team who are ready to be trusted take on more responsibility. This course will give you the confidence to let go of tasks without losing control and develop the skills to use delegation as a tool to increase motivation and performance of individuals and the entire team.