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In this section, you will find resources that will make you a more effective communicator in both written and oral form. You will find information that will help you to understand how to articulate and present your ideas in writing, on the web and in face-to-face situations.

Effective communication online courses

At the current time of working from home, in addition to the online materials below, please see these online courses related to effective communications that we have identified. They cover the following topics:

• Having Difficult Conversations
• Giving Feedback
• Communicating Assertively
• Influencing Effectively
• Presentation Skills

Access the course via the Training Catalogue: TSLD011

Self-directed and online resources

Communication skills 

Read more about communication skills 

Presentation skills 

Read more about presentation skills

TED talks

Within this section you will find resources relating to: 

Classroom training

At the end of the workshop participants will have: Distinguished between aggressive, submissive and assertive behaviour; Explored the effect each type of behaviour has on others; Reviewed their own personal effectiveness in a variety of situations; Examined a number of communication techniques associated with assertive behaviour.

This course is aimed at any member of staff who needs to have one to one conversations that explore areas such as poor performance, inappropriate behaviour, negative attitudes etc.

This workshop is designed to help you deliver feedback in a constructive and effective way. You will learn key principles of constructive feedback and discuss the benefits of receiving feedback as well as having chance to practice your skills.