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Experiencing Change

Resources to support you

Experiencing change

Change is part of life and work. For some people change is exciting and welcome, presenting new opportunities. For others, change can be a time of challenge or anxiety, and we might find our resilience levels are adversely impacted. We all experience change in different ways, and have different emotional responses to it. We want to ensure that our staff who are experiencing change are supported and equipped to address any difficulties that may arise.

Make change work for you

Read or listen to these resources on building your personal resilience and making change work for you, available from our Staff Learning and Development Toolkit. 

Top tips for Developing Personal Resilience

How to Make Change Work for You

How to build Personal Resilience (full version)

Also look out for upcoming wellbeing lectures available to both staff and students. 

Resilience in Change

Develop your skills in managing personal resilience to change with this interactive workshop. 

Developing Personal Resilience for change

Counselling service

For those who are finding change particularly difficult, visit our counselling service website for their latest workshops. 

We also have a range of self-help resources available here