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At the end

At the end of a Secondment

Planning for the end of the secondment is as important as planning for the start of one. Secondees need to be supported in their reintegration to their substantive area through an appropriate return to work plan. Seconding managers have a responsibility to provide an appropriate ending to the placement through a review meeting. This is where objectives can be finally reviewed, successes celebrated, and further opportunities for learning and development highlighted.

Return to work plan

The substantive line manager has a responsibility to support the secondees reintegration to their team. At least one month before the secondee is due to return to work, the secondee and their substantive manager should meet to plan the return to work. This plan should cover, at a minimum:

- Any meetings with staff that may be required to aid reintegration.
- Fulfilling any refresher training or support required
- A review of what learning has taken place on the secondment and how this can be used.
- Any objective setting required for the return to the substantive role.