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Investing in Success


Karen Heaton, Director of Human Resources and Staff Learning and Development are pleased to announce the launch of Investing in Success 2018. 

Investing in Success focuses on the University's greatest asset, its staff. Our future depends on retaining, developing and growing our employees in order to release their potential. This is a fantastic opportunity to unlock your potential. 


I am a manager, how can I encourage my team to make a submission?

Promote this scheme at your next team meeting and discuss in each 121 with your members of staff. You could make this the theme of your next team meeting and get people to scope out a range of ideas which can be submitted. You may even want to fund some of these locally if they are not successful.

I am a Grade 2 member of Staff, is this open to me also?

Investing in Success is available to everyone at the University including teaching, researchers, managers, professional and support staff regardless of grade.

What are the funds available to support?

The funds are open to any project or activity as long as it can be shown that it is supporting your personal development and has a benefit to the University. Any funding granted will need to be spent by the end October and you will be asked to share your achievements at this stage, therefore if you are thinking of using the funding for a courses, we would suggest that this is for short course or rather than year long programmes. If you are looking for funding to support you with longer courses, please review our information on FE/HE funding

How much funding can I apply for?

You can apply for anything up to a maximum of £10,000 and this could be as little as £100. 

I am a manager, do I need to submit applications on behalf of my team?

No, you will need to give your informal approval for individual and/or team applications, but any member of your team can submit an application either individually or on behalf of the team

Is it possible to submit a joint application with colleagues from across the University/Faculties?

Yes, this is possible. Simply record these details on the application.

I want to discuss my idea so that I can submit the best application possible. How can I do this?

Staff Learning and Development will be running Investing in Success surgeries with volunteers from across the University to help you develop your idea. Plus we will be visiting sites across campus and beyond as part of our roadshow to promote our courses and the Investing in Success scheme. Details and dates are below.


Drop in session to discuss your application: 

13:30- 16:00 21st February. 5th Floor Roscoe Building 

11:00 - 15:00 6th March. 5th Floor Roscoe Building 


You can also view our list of across campus roadshow dates under the Investing in Success Roadshow section. 

I am an Honorary / Casual / Graduate teaching Assistant member of staff, can I apply?

Sadly not, this scheme is open to all paid employees but cannot be extended to temporary, honorary or casual employees.

Do I need to have informal agreement of the project or activity before applying?

The Investing in Success scheme asks for you to obtain your managers informal approval for your application, but does not require you to spend any funds or obtain any external or internal approval. The Investing in Success scheme cannot guarantee to refund any expenses incurred prior to a successful award being made.

Is it possible to hold onto the funds until later in 2018 or into 2019?

No, the funds must be spent or be lost by the end of October 2018.

If I am not successful, can I appeal the decision?

Sadly not, due to the number of expected applications and the fairly tight timescale for spending the funds, all decisions are final.

I am looking to engage an external supplier - What do I need to think about?

The scheme will not guarantee any spends made before awards are granted. The usual University of Manchester policies and procedures apply in all cases.