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Preparing for interview

Preparation is key to a successful interview. Researching your new team or employer, preparing for questions, and practicing psychometric tests can all help contribute to a successful interview.

The University's Careers Service offers a full guide to interview preparation available here. For further guidance for preparing for interviews at Universities visit

On the day of the interview make sure you know where you are going and how long it takes to get there. Give yourself time, emphasise your qualities and make your achievements clear.

Interview preparation

The Careers Service offers a webinar  on interview preparation: For interview tips and advice see the Interview master class online course from (If you don’t have a Lynda account then you can request one from SL&D)

Interview questions

Recruiters will use different types of questions to prompt candidates. Find out about possible questions and how to respond them effectively at with the Mastering Common Interview Questions video and the job search website Glassdoor. (Lynda accounts can be requested from SL&D)

Psychometric tests

These are often used as part of the recruitment process. Find out about types of tests and how to prepare for them.

Nerves at interview

It’s normal to be nervous at interview click here for advice on how to deal with nerves.

Internal candidate advice

Being an internal interview candidate can be complicated by existing relationships. Advice is available when facing this situation:

Professional Service roles and Academic roles