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Managing your career

Managing your career should be done on an ongoing basis to achieve your full potential and move towards where you want to be. There are great online tools available that provide a framework for planning your career.
Start with understanding how you work, then assess where you are now, before considering your options and making a decision. You can then prepare for the future, set goals, and review your progress.

If you are short on time the 5 minute Career Action Plan is a good start. You can then build on this with either of the Career Planning Tools for Professional Services or Academic staff. All are available via A range of resources are also available from the university to help develop your academic career and think about promotion.

Short on time?

This 5 minute Career Action Plan is a good start

An Academic Career for an overview of starting and progressing an early academic career

Academic career planning tool

A specialised toolkit for managing your career as an academic.

Academic career development at Manchester

A range of developmental activity and information is available at the university focused on: