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Postgraduate Research


Key changes

  • Postgraduate research (PGR) roles will be part of a Faculty Doctoral Academy​, offering dedicated support to researchers and academics in one place.
  • Faculty PGR Managers will manage the end-to-end PGR journey including recruitment and admissions, operations and funding.
  • There will be named contacts within the Faculty Doctoral Academy, and Doctoral Academy teams will work collaboratively with operations teams.
  • Faculty staff will be co-located in a Faculty PGR Doctoral Academy​.
  • There is more connectivity to other parts of the University structure (such as wellbeing support), creating a more streamlined and consistent approach to student support.​
  • Recruitment and admissions being co-located with operations teams enables better management of the overlaps and handovers between the two activities​.
  • A dedicated team focused on externally-funded programmes will ensure our University meets the requirements of funders and professional bodies.
  • There will be enhanced links between the PGR funding teams, and central finance teams. The identification of clear lines of responsibility with the Directorate of Finance.
  • PGR marketing roles being embedded in the Faculty Doctoral Academy will ensures that the nuances of PGR marketing are understood, whilst maintaining the benefits of a professional reporting line into the Faculty marketing team.​
  • The Central Research and Business Engagement team will include systems and process support, which will need to interface with Faculty users/super-users.​