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Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) scheme is a leading knowledge transfer programme to support business innovation.

For more than 40 years, KTP has successfully and consistently increased competitiveness and productivity for the businesses taking part. KTP projects provide structure and funding support to help businesses undertake open innovation and scale up through collaboration with world-leading academic experts from The University of Manchester.

Projects are focused on delivering a strategic step change in productivity, market share and operating process by embedding new knowledge and capabilities within an organisation.

The expertise, technology and world-leading research that resides within The University of Manchester enables businesses to reap the benefits that a strategic partnership such as a KTP project can provide.

How Knowledge Transfer Partnerships work
KTPs are available across a diverse range of public and private industry sectors. Your KTP project could deliver improvements to existing products, support development of novel products and systems, as well as create frameworks to improve efficiencies in processes and upskill staff. This flexible approach enables partnerships to identify the best way to accelerate business growth and enhance competitive advantage.

Each KTP project recruits a high-calibre graduate, known as an Associate, aided by specialist academic support from The University of Manchester, to deliver a specified work plan. The KTP Associate manages and delivers the project, on-site within the partner organisation, whilst being jointly supervised by a senior member of the business and an academic expert from The University of Manchester. This three-way partnership works together to support the strategic development of the business partner.

Each project can last between 12 months to 3 years, transferring and embedding new knowledge and skills to encourage business growth and innovation. With the help of government funding and university expertise, the business is well supported to innovate and reach its full potential.

For further information, please contact the Knowledge Exchange Team.