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Who we are and What we do

The Business Engagement and Knowledge Exchange (BEKE) team consist of 5 sub teams – Strategic Accounts, International Business Engagement, Knowledge Exchange, Business Intelligence and Faculty Business Engagement

The team supports a range of activities that bridge the gap between academia and industry by facilitating interactions that will be lead to mutual benefit e.g.  strategic partnerships, collaborative research projects, knowledge transfer partnerships and international industry collaborations.

Authorisation process for pricing

For all Framework Agreements with funders and for research contracts with commercial funders there is an additional requirement to submit an outline business case at an early stage of negotiation to Finance Subcommittee.

Authorisation process for export control

From April 2019, there is an additional requirement to submit all potential agreements irrespective of value to embargoed countries. Such potential agreements must be reviewed by Export Controls, Dr. Irene Barinaga-Rementeria, Regulatory Compliance and Risk Manager.

Please see the full list of embargoed countries as advised on GOV.UK including other countries subject to restrictions.

Strategic Partnerships

Oversees the management and development of industrial strategic partnerships across the University of Manchester. This incorporates the management, sustainability and growth of existing partnerships and the identification and development of new partnerships emerging from faculties and international activities.

Contact: Cat Headley Head of Strategic Partnerships (x60637)

              Hui Wang Business Engagement Manager – International Strategic Partnerships (x64012)

International Business Engagement

Manages and develops industrial partnerships across the world. This includes identifying focus countries/regions for future development of new partnerships from emerging markets. The team also provides strategic and operational management to implement programmes, partnerships and Industry collaborations with China.

Contact: Elena Zelenkova – International Business Engagement Manager - (x52175) 


Knowledge Exchange (KE)

The KE team works to match research expertise, technology and skills available within the University, with business challenges, so organisations can improve their competitiveness and productivity while supporting innovation and growth. The Knowledge Exchange (KE) Team also has responsibility for managing, delivering and reporting on the University’s Knowledge Transfer Partnership portfolio and EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account. Examples of successful KE projects.

Contact: (x 66815)

Business Intelligence

The Business Intelligence Team contributes to the University’s operational priorities for growth of non-fee income from BEKE activities in the UK and internationally. Working across BEKE, the team will use data and policy analytics and foresighting activity to provide supporting market insights and intelligence to secure new faculty funding streams from industry, develop new framework agreements and enable early insights for upcoming UK and global funding opportunities.

Contact: Shanta Aphale Business Intelligence Manager – (x 68093)

Faculty Business Engagement Teams

Each Faculty has a BEKE team that is responsible for managing strategy and high-value relationships with businesses, charities and other external organisations that will have mutually beneficial results. The Faculty Business Engagement teams support all schools and institutes in the Faculties, acting as a ‘one-stop shop’ for advice, support or signposting as necessary on any aspects of business engagement activity, both externally and internally across the Faculty and in support of cross-faculty engagement.

Contact: Saq Rasul – Head of Integrated Business Engagement  – (x 63986)

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