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Planning and Resources Committee (PRC)

The Planning and Resources Committee is the University's key central management committee.



Name (2019/20)

President and Vice-Chancellor (Chair)

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell

Deputy President and Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Professor Luke Georghiou

Policy Vice-President (Research)

Professor Colette Fagan

Policy Vice-President (Teaching, Learning and Students)

Professor April McMahon

Policy Vice-President (Social Responsibility)

Professor Nalin Thakkar

Vice-President and Dean (Biology, Medicine and Health)

Professor Graham Lord

Vice-President and Dean (Humanities)

Professor Keith Brown

Vice-President and Dean (Science and Engineering)

Professor Martin Schröder

Associate Vice-President for External Relations and Reputation

Mr Alan Ferns

Registrar, Secretary and Chief Operating Officer

Mr Patrick Hackett

Director of Finance

Mr David Soutter (interim)

Director of Human Resources

Ms Karen Heaton

Director of Estates and Facilities

Mrs Diana Hampson

Director for the Student Experience

Dr Simon Merrywest

Director of Planning

Mr Matt Atkin

Director of Legal Affairs and Board Secretariat

Ms Sinéad Hesp

Chief Information Officer

Mr Malcolm Whitehouse

One Senate member elected by the Senate

Professor Linda Davies

General Secretary of the Students' Union

Mr Kwame Kwarteng

Terms of reference

  • To serve as the primary source of advice to (i) the Board and (ii) the President and Vice-Chancellor on matters relating to the development and allocation of the resources of the University
  • In consultation with the Senate and the Faculties, develop for endorsement by the Board, an annual planning, budgeting, performance evaluation and accountability cycle for the University
  • To serve as the primary source of advice to the Board on strategic planning issues, ensuring that the Board retains a current understanding of the strategic opportunities, priorities and risks confronting the University
  • To develop and maintain the University’s Strategic Plan for endorsement and regular review by the Board
  • As part of the annual planning cycle, to recommend to the Board draft operational priorities translating longer-term strategic planning into annual planning goals, targets and performance measures
  • To develop, for recommendation to the Board through its Finance Committee, a draft annual University Budget based on the operational priorities endorsed by the Board
  • To provide the Board with a detailed annual assessment of the financial, educational, research and social responsibility performance of the University against agreed goals and targets
  • To establish sub-committees or other advisory bodies, as appropriate, to consider specific matters in detail and to report and make recommendations to the Planning and Resources Committee



The Directorate of Planning provides the secretariat for PRC, which meets regularly throughout the year. Any queries should be addressed to Matt Atkin