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Planning process

The University's planning and accountability cycle is designed to lead the University through a process of continual improvement towards the goals of Manchester 2020, the University's strategic plan.

Planning operates across all areas of the University. Each Faculty produces a strategic plan in support of Manchester 2020. The Professional Services (PS) work directly towards the core goals and enabling strategies in Manchester 2020. The Library and the cultural institutions also have their own strategic plans. All areas support their strategic aims with annual operational priorities which identify key targets and actions for the next twelve months. 

The planning process is intrinsically linked with the accountability cycle, which is intended to measure performance during the past year and provide a clear basis for future planning. The Annual Performance Reviews (APRs) of the Faculties, the PS, and the cultural institutions are the key events in the accountability cycle. Following the APRs, the Stocktake Report is produced as a formal report on progress against the high level KPIs set out in the University’s strategic plan. This leads into the next planning cycle with the identification of University key priorities.

2018/19 planning cycle