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Annual Performance Review

The Annual Performance Reviews (APRs) take place in autumn each year and assess the performance of the Faculties, Professional Services (PS), and the cultural institutions (Manchester Museum, the Whitworth and the Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre).

The review panels comprise senior executive members of the University and the Faculty and PS meetings are chaired by the President and Vice-Chancellor. 

The panel is provided with data including:

  • key performance indicators relating to Manchester 2020
  • research performance
  • teaching and learning performance
  • social responsibility performance
  • finance
  • staff
  • satisfaction surveys
  • risk and compliance
  • SWOT analyses
  • strategic plans
  • operational priorities.

The purpose of the APRs is to analyse and evaluate performance and progress towards the goals and enabling strategies in Manchester 2020. The meetings look at a review of the past year's performance as well as forward planning. Actions are identified which will be followed up during the year. A complete evaluation of University performance in the year in question is presented to the Board of Governors’ conference in March.

As part of the APR process, KPIs relating to sustainability and HR issues, including equality and diversity, are considered by the Capital Planning Sub-Committee and the HR Sub-Committee respectively.

We provide administrative support for the APRs, including coordinating the provision of data in collaboration with Faculty and PS colleagues, taking the formal record of the meetings and managing the process of follow-up and review.


If you have a query about the APRs please get in touch with Roxanne Bretherton or Nicky Evers

email or

tel 0161 275 2205 or 0161 306 5601