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Workforce Planning Mythbusters

Please see below some common misconceptions around Workforce Planning and our responses to bust those myths!

Organisational design is an 'extra thing to do'

Effective planning and a systematic approach means activities will land well and have a lasting impact on performance across a team

Strategic workforce planning is not cost effective

Strategic workforce planning actually delivers income growth and return on our investment as well as reduced costs

Strategic workforce planning is not as important as other activities

In our people-centred operation, focusing on improving the skills and availability of our workforce is as critical as a manufacturer having the right factory set up

A lightweight version of workforce planning will work

There are many factors that must be considered in workforce planning (including the internal business content, the external environment, and the workforce context - both internal and external) and therefore only a method-base approach is appropriate

Workforce planning is already covered by the Finance and Strategic Change teams

Both of those teams have different perspectives, workforce planning is a People & OD speciality

We can get by with periodic organisational re-design(s)

Organisational re-design is reactive whereas workforce planning is proactive and focuses on people and skills more than hierarchy task distribution and reporting

Workforce planning means job redundancies

It's not about redundancies, it's about getting the right number of people with the right skills employed in the right place at the right time, at the right cost and on the right contract to achieve the organisational strategy