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Selection criteria

Selection criteria should be agreed in advance of the short-listing process and should mirror the criteria documented in the person specification. Selection criteria should also be agreed prior to the selection process (e.g. interview).  This helps to ensure that the process is objective and free from bias.

As set out in the person specification there will be a combination of essential and desirable criteria.  Desirable criteria can be used to differentiate between applicants if required.

In summary, using the criteria set out in the person specification forms the core of a fair and effective selection process and enables;

  • Assessment of applicants against the same set of criteria therefore reducing subjectivity in the process
  • Candidate reassurance that the assessment is fair
  • The panel to carry out selection in an organised and efficient way, making short-listing easier and interviewing more focussed

Consideration should be given as to how best to assess each criteria.