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Informing the candidates

All applicants should be informed whether or not they have been short-listed via the candidate portal of the applicant tracking system.

Managers should select the outcome for each candidate (on the applicant tracking system) and then notify HR Services that they have carried out shortlisting. People and OD Operations will then update the candidate statuses and send the generic 'regret' email via the applicant tracking system, informing candidates. 

The successful candidates should be contacted by the recruiting manager, as soon as possible after short-listing has taken place, with details of the selection process.

Inviting candidates to interview

  • Specify the date, time and place of the interview.  Also include a location map with details of access for cars and pedestrians, parking and public transport
  • Outline the likely duration of the interview and the format the candidate can expect (e.g. panel interview)
  • Include the names and job titles of the panel
  • Give details of other aspects of the process so that nothing takes the candidate by surprise. Will there be other parts of the selection process they also need to know about, for example presentation, tests etc
  • State what documents applicants need to bring with them if any
  • Ask candidates whether they have any specific needs or whether they require any reasonable adjustments to be made to support them through the selection process
  • Ask candidates to confirm their intention to attend the interview at the stated time and place
  • End by giving a contact name and methods by which the candidate can make contact if they need to

The invitation to interview letter should be used for this purpose.

Feedback to unsuccessful applicants

It is considered good practice to provide feedback to any unsuccessful applicant who requests this information. It is important to provide constructive feedback, and to offer suggestions as to possible improvements to the applicants application wherever possible. This will also help candidates to retain a positive image of the University.

Equally, it is recognised that in many cases providing feedback to applicants at this initial stage can be very time-consuming therefore feedback need only be provided where an applicant contacts the University to request this.