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Honorary and Emeritus appointments

Honorary appointments

An Honorary appointment is an arrangement which allows distinguished individuals from other institutions and organisations (predominantly academic staff) to collaborate with staff at the University. It may also be used in some circumstances to recognise an on-going association with a retiring member of University staff.

In order to be appointed an Honorary must demonstrate an appropriate level of achievement in research, teaching or professional reputation. It is intended that the Honorary should  make, a significant contribution to the work of the University.

The Honorary Appointments Policy and Procedure sets out the appointment criteria, the titles which can be awarded and the approval process.

Terms of appointment

Honorary appointments are not employees and as such no remuneration or other service conditions will be attached to the posts (apart from agreed travel expenses).

Appointments will normally be for 3 years in the first instance but may be extended following a review.

Appointments may be terminated by either party by providing one calendar month’s written notice.

Honoraries will be given certain benefits: an ID card to access buildings, they are able to use the University library and computing facilities, and are given membership of a School within a Faculty.

Honoraries must sign to agree:

  • to comply with confidentiality and data protection arrangements,
  • that any Intellectual Property created in the course of their honorary activities for the University must be transferred to the University. Any concerns about this should be raised with the Head of Department.
  • that all published work arising from work created in the course of honorary activities for the University must be accredited to the University of Manchester, and must comply with the University’s Code of Good Research Conduct.

Further information 

Emeritus Professor

This title may be awarded by the President & Vice Chancellor on behalf of the Senate, to a retiring member of staff who has made a distinguished contribution to the life of the University in one or more of the following areas; research, teaching and learning, or social responsibility.

Nominations must be made by the relevant Head of School and supported by the Vice-President and Dean of the relevant faculty. A supporting case must demonstrate how the individual satisfies the criteria set out within the guidance.