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Temporary staff

Where there is a gap in resources you should always explore alternative methods to manage the workload such as prioritisation or redistribution of work, secondments, redeployment of existing staff, etc. However, sometimes it may be necessary to bring in additional temporary staff, for example to:

  • cover for maternity, sick leave
  • provide specialist skills for specific short term projects
  • cover peaks in workload or seasonal demands
  • provide interim cover for a vacancy whilst a permanent replacement is sought
  • cover specific tasks or provide staff for one-off events

Deciding how to fill the vacancy will depend on the length of time to be covered, the regularity and nature of the work and the skills and experience required.

Most importantly:

  • you will need approval - the Vacancy Management Procedures set out who you need to gain approval from depending on which area of the University you work
  • we need to ensure that temporary staff on our payroll (i.e. casuals and interns) have the right to work in the UK in accordance with UK legislation. All documentation must be checked through People and OD Operations prior to starting work. Agency staff will be checked by their Recruitment Agency prior to being placed with us. 

The Guidance for Managers on the Employment of Temporary and Casual staff provides an overview of the options available and the sources of temporary staff. Further details of each below.