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Managing through Values

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Values are an expression of what matters most: they are the things that are so important that we routinely both prefer and prioritise them above other things. Every individual has values, every group has values and there are values at work across every organisation. Values are a central element of culture and they drive not only actions and attitudes but also have a profound effect on how relationships form and how we are seen by others. When core values are an expression of the distinctive spirit of an organisation they enable it to navigate both complexity and change coherently and authentically.

Every organisation has values, whether it consciously decides to uncover them and live them or not. These values influence the way that we make decisions and work together to get things done. Where there’s a strong sense of shared values we can work more effectively, deliver our best, and as an organisation be more resilient during change.

Values are also the foundations of what people do – they influence our choices, decisions and behaviour.

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