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Leading Through Change

Change is constant. It’s so constant that you would think we would all be used to it by now. Unfortunately change is still something that most people struggle with, especially when it is being done to them.  As managers, you are responsible for planning, communicating and making change happen in your areas.  Sometimes this is change that has been handed to you and other times, it is the change that you want to make for your team.  Either way, being able to manage yourself throughout change, and lead others through change are critical skills for future managers and leaders. 

Change toolkit:
To support you in planning, communicating and executing change effectively, there is a site devoted to change, with plenty of resources and tips for leading change.

Change management resources 

Link to organisational change policies

Changes to Organisational Structures

Security of Employment Policy 


We have face-to-face workshops to support you in managing change: 

TMS200 Leading people through change

An interactive workshop designed for those leading teams, highlighting the key issues, skills and knowledge required in leading people successfully through change situations. The workshop also addresses the fact that the leader is often managing reactions to the change in themselves as well as in those they manage.

A number of models and tools are used to help leaders better understand reactions to change in others and how they might best respond to these, helping to ensure their particular change is successfully managed.
A two-hour workshop.

TMS2001 Developing Personal Resilience For Change

An interactive workshop for all members of staff who wish to build their ability to cope with and perhaps even thrive in change situations. Through a variety of activities and models, participants are invited to consider their habitual responses to change, and to recognise that if they desire to modify these, then some personal experimentation will be needed.

Through utilising tools and techniques, the workshop helps participants consider how they might best achieve this, and to be aware of additional sources of support available.