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Research Computing

IT Services provides advanced computing expertise, services and facilities for research and teaching use throughout the University of Manchester, including services such as the visualization and management of data and the use of advanced collaborative environments.

IT Services offers a range of courses to research postgraduates and staff that will improve your skills in all aspects of research computing including programming, high end computing and visualization. 

For more information on available training, please visit:

  • Research Computing Training and Education 

Other relative course programmes:


Ethical Review Management

The University has adopted an online ethics review software system (ERM) to manage the ethical review of research projects that involve human participants.

Please refer to the Research Governance, Ethics and Integrity website for how-to articles and tutorial videos on using the University's ERM system.


Research IT Training Service

Research IT offer a series of one-day courses to UoM researchers (staff and PGR) which run throughout the year.
We also offer two-day (Software Carpentry) workshops teaching foundational computing skills for research.
In addition to our taught courses, we have some online materials available in Fortran and MATLAB.

We also occasionally host workshops from external trainers.

For more information and to apply to any of these courses, please use the links below.




From this year training will be either on campus or via Zoom, please take care to check the details.

The exact format will vary between courses, and details will be sent to attendees by email before the course.

Course notes are available online which can be followed independently for many of the courses.


Current one-day courses

Course Registration page



Introduction to the Unix shell (Software Carpentry)

 09/04/2024 in person

course notes

Introduction to MATLAB (Software Carpentry)

 20+21/05/2024 online

course notesMATLAB on ramp

Introduction to Version Control using Git and GitHub

course notes

Intro to LaTeX (including UoM thesis template)

 15/03/2024 online

course notes

Data analysis using R


course notes

Introduction to High Performance Computing and using CSF

 08/02/2024 in person

course notes

Introduction to iCSF (and CSF)


course notes

Introduction to Python (Software Carpentry)

 16/05/2024 online,
 20/06/2024 online

course notes

Programming in Python

 16/05/2024 online

course notes

Software Carpentry workshops

A Software Carpentry workshop is hands-on two-day event that covers the core skills needed to be productive in a small research team. Short tutorials alternate with practical exercises, and all instruction is done via live coding. Workshops consist of three topics:

  • Automating tasks with the Unix shell
  • Programming in Python, R, or MATLAB
  • Version control using Git

A Data Carpentry workshop teaches the core skills for working with data effectively and reproducibly.

Software and Data Carpentry workshops are organised by various groups at the University Of Manchester. For more information and to apply to a workshop, see Carpentries at UoM.


Online resources


Software Carpentry

Self-directed workshops on Parallel Programming by Chris Wood

Workshops from external trainers

We advertise external training events on our web site: Research IT Events


Past courses

No events for these courses are currently scheduled, but materials are still available where indicated.

Course title

Date Resources

Interactive data visualisation with R and Shiny

2018 materials (Resources tab)

Introduction to Mathematica


Faster MATLAB using the NAG toolbox

15 Dec 2016  

Writing scalable parallel applications with MPI (2 day workshop, delivered by ARCHER)

12-13 Dec 2016


Parallel Programming with C++

 24 Jan 2017 materials
Single Node Performance Optimisation (2 day workshop, delivered by ARCHER)


 28-29 Nov 2016  

Intro to OpenMP & Multicore Programming



High Throughput Computing using Condor



Intro to MPI


Intermediate MPI



Intro to OpenCL



Intro to CUDA



Introduction to Finite Element Analysis


Intro to Image Based Modelling Using Finite Elements


Intro to Optimisation


Intro to Parallel Programming