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Visual representation of the Leadership Framework, represented by each element of the framework in a honeycomb image.

The Leadership Framework

The Leadership Framework identifies those leadership qualities and practices which will lead to more effective personal leadership at the University of Manchester.

The Framework was initially developed by participants on our Leading at Manchester programme, and was subsequently tested and finalised with leaders at all levels across the University before being established in its present structure.

It consists of Leadership Qualities; key combinations of skills, behaviours and knowledge, which are broken down into Leadership Practices; specific examples of qualities in action.

The Framework will be used to support the personal development of leaders at the University. 

The University of Manchester Leadership Framework can be used to support the development of leaders at the University.

For more information on personal development you can access our Personal Development Planning Guide.

The Leadership Capability Self-Assessment Tool

We invite you as a leader, together with your manager, to undertake this assessment of your leadership capabilities against the Framework. View the how to guide, linked below, before accessing the self-assessment tool. Self-development resources are available for you to access after completing the tool. For established, senior leaders and additional tool is also available for a 360 review measured with the Leadership Framework. If you would like to discuss 360 degree assessment suitability for yourself, please contact your learning partner or email us at

Learning resources related to each capability statement

The Leadership Framework in Practice series is a set of structured development sessions for leaders at the University, which aims to support them in specifically addressing the key challenges for leaders in our environment. Recordings of previous sessions can be accessed here.

In addition, we offer a selection of resources addressing each capability, these are listed below.

Acts with integrity

Resources from Linkedin Learning: 

Humble leadership

Why trust matters

Building trust

Resources from the L&D Toolkit:

Return on character

The trust edge




Role model for inclusion

Resources from LinkedIn Learning: 

Inclusive leadership

Leading with vision


Resources from the L&D Toolkit:

Do you lead diversity?

Take the lead


Learning and Organisational Development course:

Unconscious Bias training

Leads change

Resources from LinkedIn Learning:

Wellbeing through change

Leading people through change


Resources from the L&D Toolkit:

Essential skills of a change leader

Overcoming an immunity to change


Learning and Organisational Development courses:

Leading people through change (2.5 hour online course)


Additional resources:

Change management essentials

Communicates and engages

Resources from LinkedIn Learning:

Using your voice effectively 

Employee engagement


Resources from the L&D Toolkit:

Using your voice effectively

Storytelling as a technique

Employee engagement


Learning and Organisational Development courses:

Communicating assertively (2.5 hour course)

Demonstrates emotional intelligence

Resources from LinkedIn Learning:

Leading with emotional intelligence


Resources from the L&D Toolkit:

Leadership and EQ

Influences and advocates

Resources from LinkedIn Learning:

Building your visibility as a leader

Leading without formal authority 


Resources from the L&D Toolkit:

Leading and influence