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New Performance and Development Review

29 Feb 2016

A working group led by Martin Humphries and Karen Heaton has developed a revised P&DR process, which will be launched in the PSS between May and July 2016

Following staff concerns in recent Staff Surveys about the quality and consistency of the Performance and Development Review (P&DR) across the University, a working group led by Martin Humphries and Karen Heaton, was established to look into improving the process.

P&DR meetings are the single most important way in which the University ensures that each and every individual (or team in some areas) is able to perform to the best of their abilities and fulfil their professional aims and ambitions.

The philosophy behind the new approach to P&DR is that:

  • People want to do a good job, to get satisfaction from their work, and to be appropriately recognised and rewarded in return.
  • People want to feel that they are making progress and learning new things at work.
  • People want to be managed by someone who has a genuine interest in their career and their development.
  • Regular, honest and open communication is the key to achieving understanding, respect and progress at work. 
  • More is usually achieved by (wherever possible) playing to, and developing, a person’s strengths rather than by asking them to do more of things they are less good at.
  • Being effective and enjoying work is often to do with how we do the job as well as what we do, so P&DR looks at our ‘soft skills’ (or ‘behaviours’) as well as the tasks we are doing and the results we are trying to achieve.

The working group has developed a revised P&DR process including:

  • Roles and responsibilities of reviewee, reviewer and senior reviewer (the latter being responsible for oversight of the effectiveness of the P&DRs carried out in their area).
  • Guidance notes, FAQs and P&DR form. 
  • All reviewers will be required to attend training events over the next few months, covering the principles, the process and the new IT system and an e-learning package has been developed for reviewees to help to ensure that this is a productive two way process.
  • IT Services have developed a straightforward system to support the completion of the forms and the flow between reviewee, reviewer and senior reviewer. We acknowledge that some staff do not have access to a desktop computer and in these cases a paper system will be in operation.

The new process will be launched in Professional Support Services during the specific allocated timeframe between May and July 2016.

If you have any queries please contact your local HR Partner at: