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End User Computing: Windows 10

Keeping University computers up to date

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Windows 10 upgrades - latest information

Due to the latest COVID-19 restrictions we have paused work to upgrade our University’s managed laptop and desktop computers to Windows 10.

If you have already submitted a request to upgrade your laptop or desktop to Windows 10 and are waiting for this to take place, IT Services will contact you when upgrades are able to restart. This is likely to be when lockdown restrictions are lifted and staff are able to return to campus.

In the meantime, you may continue to use your Windows 7 device for work.

Upgrading your computer to Windows 10

Once upgrades are able to take place again, you will be asked to follow the guidance below.

Desktop computers

If you use a Windows desktop computer we can upgrade it remotely. Please ensure you backup your data first before your upgrade request is scheduled.

Step-by-step instructions on how to backup your data are available in the Support Portal:

  1. Log in to the IT Support Portal
  2. Search for Windows: Locate and backup data saved on your computer's C: drive
  3. Click on the article titled Windows: Locate and backup data saved on your computer's C: drive, and follow the instructions.

If you encounter any problems following the instructions, or when trying to backup your data, please log a ticket with the IT Support Centre to arrange for some help.

Once you have finished backing up your data, you'll need to submit the Windows 10 request form if you've not already done so:

  1. Log in to the IT Support Portal
  2. Search for Windows 10 upgrade request
  3. Click on the Windows 10 upgrade request form and fill it in.

Laptop computers

If the upgrade is for a University laptop then they’ll likely be asked to bring it to campus and drop it off for us to work on.

At the time of writing our drop off location is at the Stopford Building. If you are invited on to campus once upgrades have restarted it is critical that you continue to observe COVID-19 safety rules that are in place. This includes holding meetings online and following instructions for moving around and using buildings. You must report it if you test positive for coronavirus or are self-isolating.

More information: