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Computer review

As part of our activities to modernise IT, we’re running an activity to review our computers, which will ensure that we provide first-rate technology for our people.

This activity will involve the installation of software on University computers to discover basic information about the performance of University IT equipment, and an overview of how it’s being used by colleagues.

We’ve provided a list of questions below, and we’ll update this page with answers to other questions and progress on activity.

Please read on to find out more about the computer review – we’ve included our contact details if you have any more questions.

Questions and answers:

Q: What does this software do?

This software will be used to discover how IT facilities are being used by our colleagues, and will be used to:

  • Log the technical specifications of your computer (such as processor information, hard drive space, memory)
  • Note which software applications are being used and for how long
  • Monitor the speed and performance of your computer
  • Identify your username, location, role and department

The software will not be used to:

  • Monitor which websites you’re visiting
  • Look at or otherwise capture the content of your files
  • Capture screenshots
  • Capture the contents of your emails or messages
  • Log your keystrokes (view what you are typing)


Q: How does this benefit me and the University?

  • The University will supply computing capabilities to match our staff and students’ preferences and expectations
  • The University’s security requirements are satisfied
  • It will optimise the operational cost for the University
  • The overall experience for our staff and students will be improved.


Q: Does this change the IT Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP)?

A: This does not affect the AUP - No member of staff is permitted as a matter of routine to monitor or investigate an individual’s use of University IT facilities. However, where there are reasonable grounds to suspect an instance of unacceptable use of any University IT facilities, or where a legitimate request is made by the police or other authority, permission may be granted for the monitoring or investigation of an individual’s use of University IT facilities.


Q: Does this change how I’m allowed to use my computer?

A: It doesn’t. As per the AUP, Reasonable personal use of University IT facilities by staff (ie use not related to their job role or University activities) is permitted, provided this does not interfere, either by its timing or extent, with the availability of University IT facilities for teaching, research or administrative purposes or the performance of the member of staff’s duties, and must be limited to scheduled breaks or outside of the normal working day wherever possible. Further restrictions may be put in place in public areas, for example in a reception area.


Q: Do I need to do anything to prepare for this?

A: If you have a University managed desktop or laptop computer, you don’t need to do anything. The software will be automatically installed, and removed when the activity has completed.


Q: Will this affect my usage of the computer?

A: No, the software will run silently in the background.


Q: For how long will this exercise run?

A: Three months


Q: How will the information captured from this exercise be used?

A: The data captured from the tool will be used for the technical assessment and then it will be mapped with the functional information gathered from the University to build personas.


Q: How are you protecting the data?

A: The information gathered will be stored on in-house University services. Only a very limited number of colleagues from the University and its partner HCL will be authorised to access the data. Role-based access will be in place to make sure data is safe and secure.


Q: Who has approved this activity?

A: The activity has been reviewed by senior colleagues within:

  • IT Services
  • Compliance and Risk (including Information Governance Office)


Q: Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns about this?

A: You can email the End User Computing (EUC) team directly if you have any further questions, concerns or requests about this activity.