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When should I use Teams?

A semicircle with three 'loops', depicting the levels at which Microsoft programmes should be used.

Teams is part of the Office 365 platform, which also provides our email system, OneDrive and online version of the familiar Office apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. But when should you use a particular Office 365 tool, and how can Teams fit into your work?

Personal (Me)

Tools for individual use, to help boost personal productivity:

  • OneDrive: Your private working space where you can create, edit and save files that are just for your own use.
  • Outlook: Mail and calendar tools for exchanging information, managing your diary and sending formal communications to many, both inside and outside your organisation.

Inner Loop (We)

Tools to aid interactions between close knit teams or groups who work regularly together, helping to manage and facillitate high-volume and high-speed conversations:

  • Teams: A place to chat, hold meetings, make calls and share files with the people working with you on activities and projects within the University and to meet, call and chat with external contacts.
  • Office: The familiar suite of tools, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc., which can be used as a team to create, edit and co-author files at the same time.

Outer Loop (Us)

Tools for communication across the whole organisation, including with colleagues from other areas of the University:

  • Yammer: A place to connect and engage with everyone within the organisation and share organisation-wide information.
  • SharePoint: Connecting people to University information, assets, and resources, as well as a place to broadcast information across the organisation.