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Talking Teams

Teams has the power to make a real difference at our University and transform the way that we work. A small number of colleagues from Professional Services, Teaching and Learning and Research communities have been using it for some time - find out how Teams has transformed the way they work.

Connect Communities

Teams brings people together to support vibrant learning communities and can connect our academic staff to their students and external partners in new ways. Whether you are in the same room or hundreds of miles apart, the ability to meet and share in real-time is very powerful.


Drive Efficiency

In professional services we need to get things done, break down silos and make technology work for us. Teams brings together familiar tools from the Microsoft Office suite and combines them with innovative ways to share information, get hold of the right people and manage projects smoothly.


Power Innovation

Our research has impact beyond academia and Teams will give a powerful boost to our ability to innovate. As we search for solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems, we need to collaborate with partners and organisations across the globe. You now have a single secure platform for meetings, messages, and data, that works on any device.

Connecting communities, powering innovation, and driving efficiency