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Teams External Calling

Work anywhere: using Microsoft Teams Voice to make and receive external phone calls.

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Once this function has been enabled for your area, Teams External Calling is the ability to make and receive an external call through Microsoft Teams Voice.

Following the release of Teams External Calling at the recently opened MECD building a project has been launched to look at rolling out the functionality to the remainder of the University. 

The project is in its scoping phase and as soon as we have more information about go-live dates we will let you know here.


What does this mean for me?

When the change is initiated for your area, it will mean you can make external calls on a Teams enabled device, such as your laptop, desktop or mobile.

This provides greater flexibility to make and receive all your calls from any location there will be no need to provide personal mobile phone numbers to students or external contacts. 

A handset free workstation will also provide a more hygienic work environment with associated health benefits.

Integration with other Microsoft 365 applications, means users can make calls from anywhere in Teams. 

Once the functionality is enabled using external calling through Teams is simple and straightforward and we will provide lots of guidance to do this.

Why are we moving all phone calls to Microsoft Teams Voice?

The project is essential work to future proof the University and to deliver our vision of a digital university.

One of the significant drivers for this change is that BT has announced it will switch off ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) lines, and these will no longer operate after December 2025.

ISDN is what you would have known as a traditional circuit-switched telephone network system, used by businesses. Information travelling from point A to point B, along copper wires in the ground.

To prepare for this, and to modernise and improve the University’s telecoms offering, we are moving all phone calls to Microsoft Teams Voice, (External Calling). A digital-based service that can be used anywhere on any device.


MECD colleagues may refer to the learning material on this site to become more familiar with how to handle external calls using Microsoft Teams. 


Training materials

Full external calling training session

A 34-minute training session can be viewed on the University's video portal:


More information