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Network modernisation schedule

Find out what buildings we are upgrading first

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IT Services and Roc Technologies have worked together to complete significant upgrades to the University’s network infrastructure, enabling us to provide a more robust and reliable network service now and into the future.

Our network modernisation plans are now focused on transforming the wired (also known as Local Area Network, or LAN) and Wi-Fi connections in individual University buildings.

Local area network (LAN)

Our work involves replacing ageing network switches in individual buildings. These switches are typically located in communications rooms inside the building. Replacing them improves both their reliability and security, as well as reducing the University’s running costs.

Thirty buildings and sites have now undergone this transformation as listed below.

LAN transformation

July to October 2020

LAN transformation

November to December 2020

LAN transformation

January to February 2021

Alan Gilbert Learning Commons

Samuel Alexander


George Kenyon (residences)

Stephen Joseph Studio

William Kay House

University Place

Ellen Wilkinson


John Garside

Martin Harris Centre

Manchester Museum

Arthur Lewis

Mansfield Cooper

John Rylands Library

Jean McFarlane



Vaughan House

Rutherford Building


Waterloo Place

Denmark Road

George Begg

Alan Turing

The Limes

Horniman House

Carys Bannister

Firs Security Lodge

Sugden Sports Centre

Upcoming schedule of works – LAN

The next phase of the LAN transformation has now started, with the following buildings scheduled (subject to review).


Expected start date

Expected finish date

Number of nights/days to complete upgrade

Whitworth Art Gallery



2 (daytime upgrade)

Methodist International House




Uttley House (Chancellors Conference Centre)

16/03/21 17/03/21 1

AV Hill




Christie Building




Environmental Services Unit




Unsworth Park



3 (daytime upgrade)

Hulme Hall



3 (daytime upgrade)

Coupland 1



2 (additional work scheduled 8am to 9am Thurs 22 April)

Dalton Ellis Hall




To ensure disruption is kept to a minimum, and unless advised otherwise, the work will take place overnight between the hours of 7pm and 7am. During this time there will be limited access to the University network in the affected building. If you are using remote desktop to connect to a University computer in the impacted building, you will lose your connection. The network will be available as normal from 7am the next day and if the work is scheduled for more than one day, it will be unavailable again each evening at 7pm until the work is complete.

During the LAN upgrade the engineers will only require access to the communications room in each building. Colleagues from IT Services and Roc Technologies will be working with Estates colleagues and building representatives to communicate advanced notice of the works and answer any queries raised.


In addition to the LAN improvements we are upgrading the Wi-Fi access points around campus. The following sites have been upgraded (accurate at 7 April 2021).

Wi-Fi transformation – upgraded buildings
Alan Gilbert Learning Commons Mansfield Cooper Waterloo Place
University Place Samuel Alexander Photon Science Institute
George Kenyon Martin Harris John Rylands Library
John Garside Ellen Wilkinson Manchester Museum
Arthur Lewis Jean McFarlane Roscoe
Alan Turing Vaughan House  
Core Technology Facility Carys Bannister  
AV Hill Rutherford  
Michael Smith Stephen Joseph  
National Graphene Institute The Limes  

Upcoming schedule of works – Wi-Fi

Details of the Wi-Fi upgrade schedule for the remaining buildings will be published here when they are available.

Upgrade datesBuildings affected
7 to 9 April 2021

George Begg


William Kay House

Whitworth Art Gallery

12 to 13 April 2021

Horniman House

12 to 23 April 2021

Hulme Hall

26 to 30 April 2021

Coupland 1

Christie Building

Uttley House (Chancellors)

This work will be carried out during normal working hours Monday to Friday where possible and our contractors will need to access all the Wi-Fi points throughout the building. During the upgrade you may temporarily experience reduced Wi-Fi coverage in localised areas, but we will endeavour to keep this to a minimum. 

Eduroam certificate replacement

A change has been made to our eduroam service on main campus, which means that staff and students may need to change the settings on any computer or mobile device not managed by the University.

Staff and students are advised to update their eduroam settings, as otherwise they may experience issues connecting to eduroam.

However, for the moment, University staff and students based in hospitals may need to continue using the old certificates. Visit the eduroam page above for more information.

IT help and support

Further information about Network modernisation

If you have questions or concerns about the planning of the network upgrades, please refer to our frequently asked questions in the first instance, or contact the Network modernisation project team who will be happy to help.