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M365 adoption

Objectives and benefits

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  • To secure M365 as the ‘go-to’ application for communication and collaboration for staff, PGRs and students.
  • To launch the Digital Champions Network to support the adoption of M365 across the University by Wednesday 26 January 2022 and will run for 12 months. (External delivery partner: 365Tribe)
  • Ensuring a basic level of understanding across all staff and PGR users to support flexible learning, hybrid working and external calling: Microsoft 365 training.


  • Expert peer to peer support is in place to increase awareness, confidence and satisfaction with M365.
  • Greater uptake of M365 supports flexible learning, hybrid working, and increasing return on investment.
  • Support in place to embed tailored M365 solutions by the department.
  • Improved collaboration and communication between staff and students.
  • Secure online collaboration with external partners.
  • Increased security for document storage and sharing.

Progress report

  • For information on M365 Adoption at the University, please visit our progress report site.