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Allocation of laboratory and office space

Principles of Space Allocation

The Institute provides state-of-the art research and support space for approximately 600 research staff over five floors, a total of 13,100 m2 (£38M).  The building is split into a modular open lab block wrapped by a more free form office/support block.  The void space between these two elements forms an atrium, around which write-up areas, meeting spaces, display areas and Interface Cafe are clustered.  As an interdisciplinary biotechnology building it is important that groups work together to benefit each other and move away from the idea that space ‘belongs’ to specific individuals. 

Laboratory and administrative space in the Institute is allocated on the basis of ACTUAL numbers to ensure the optimal use of space.  Laboratory bench space will be allocated for PDRAs, PhD students and technical support staff.  UG Masters students will be expected to fit into your lab and write up footprint and will not be allocated additional space, given pressures on research space.  There are a number of biochemistry hot desks located throughout the building for generic use.   

The Director’s office should be notified of any large grant submissions, new equipment purchases and academic recruitment which requires forward planning.  

General Lab (Wet)

3-island : 20 people

2-island : 16 people

1-island : 11

Chemistry Labs East (Floors G, 2, 3) : 12 people each

Chemistry Lab West (Floor 3) : 8 people


Large pieces of equipment are generally located in equipment rooms that have specialist services and not in open lab areas.  Small benchtop equipment that impedes bench space should be sited in communal equipment bays as much as possible.  Exceptions will be considered by the Director's Office on a case-by-case basis upon written application. 

Dry Space (North Wing)

Floor 2 : 15, 15 (3 per bench side) and 24 (4 per bench side)

Floor 3 : 15, 15 (3 per bench side) and 24 (4 per bench side)

LG.012 Reading room and computation cluster LG.012

Use of this facility is restricted to: 

  • 3rd yr lab-based PhD students coming to the end of their projects who are engaged in writing up. For obvious reasons, students should be encouraged to write up in a library or comparable facility elsewhere or at home where possible in order to make optimise the use of this space.   
  • Computational Masters students should be relocated to this room freeing up space in the computation labs for PDRAs and PhD students.
  • Postdocs and PhD students who are writing research publications, preparing for a conference or essential reports etc can apply for time-limited access via Lesley-Ann Miller in the Director’s Office.

Desks have been "wired" in set positions so that users can plug in their power and internet leads on the desk tops.


  • All  1.0 FTE academic staff will be assigned an office
  • Independent fellows will be assigned a shared office
  • Emeritus staff will be allocated the use of a shared office subject to availability.  Preference will be given to those staff with a supervisory responsibility for research staff/students based in the MIB. 
  • Shared office space for core MIB EOs, project managers and visitor will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Write-Up Space

Balcony write up space is distributed to 1.0 FTE wet lab workers only and is allocated on the basis of .5 seat per person*.

Write up areas are locally managed by the PI and it is advised, in consultation with the IS team, that all PCs/laptops are set up and accessible to all members of the group to ensure optimum use of the space allocated.

*PDRA, PhD and Technical staff ONLY

Administrative PDRA Space or ‘Quiet Zones’

A desk space will be allocated to all 1.0 FTE wet lab PDRAs in the open plan office areas and, where possible, sited on the same floor as the research lab.   Where this is not possible staff will be allocated the exclusive use of a desk in the balcony area.    These ‘quiet zones’ are restricted to research-related activities that do not involve discussions or telephone calls.  As a designated quiet zone telephones are not currently installed in these areas.  Where possible ‘quiet zones’ will be allocated on the same floor as the research lab, although it is acknowledged that this is not always possible due to space limitations. 


The archive room located on Floor 2 will shortly be converted to an academic office given the current pressure on office space.   Staff are requested to assess their storage requirements make alternative arrangements with their host School for the storage of archived materials. 

If you have any questions relating to space allocation please contact Lesley-Ann Miller, Room 3.020; T: 306 8917;

Floor Plans 

LG Floor Plan


Ground Floor Plan

Floor 1 Plan

Floor 2 Plan

Level 3 Plan