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Induction for Managers

The Library is fully committed to ensuring that all staff, irrespective of role, grade and location, are provided with the relevant knowledge, skills and experience to enable them to perform effectively, and with opportunities to develop their expertise.

There is also a legal obligation for employers to provide new staff with information about the employment contract, terms and conditions and health and safety issues. This begins with an effective induction and it is the line manager's responsibility to ensure that new staff receive a well-planned and structured induction.

Essential items

  • The University’s Induction Checklist provides a list of all steps that must be taken.
  • Compulsory training for all new staff can be found at: Essential training.
  • Induction Guidance for Managers can be found: How to support a new starter.
  • For access to the Farnie room please email John Ashton.
  • For access to LibraryConnect please submit an IT request to ask for your new member of staff to be added to the admin-jrul-allLibraryStaff group.

IT Access

Complete IT sign up using the IT Account Manager. See also help and support information from IT Services.

Staff Management Forum (SMF)

If a new staff member has responsibility for staff, they’re automatically part of the Staff Management Forum networking group.

Please contact Pamela Morris to ensure they are added to the mailing list.

Register of Interests

Under the University’s Financial Regulations, staff must declare any personal interest that may compromise or might be reasonably deemed to compromise impartiality, conflict with their duty as an employee, or could potentially result in a conflict of interests leading to private benefit.

Heads of Schools and Directorates are required to maintain a Register of Interests where staff must declare all personal interests. All staff on Grade 6 and above (and any other staff with possible conflicts of interest) must complete an annual return (including nil returns) in each academic year, and update the Register more frequently if their circumstances change.

See the guide to registers of interest for more information.


All posts at the University are subject to probationary periods between three and nine months.

Induction for new staff should run alongside more formal structured review processes to assess progress during their probationary period. The usual probationary periods for different staff groups are:

  • Support staff (grade 1-5) - 6 calendar months
  • All other staff (grade 6-8) - 9 calendar months

The purpose of a probationary period is to ensure that new staff are, within a reasonable period of time, able to gain a full understanding of the requirements of the post and to achieve a satisfactory level of performance.

Line managers should make appropriate arrangements to review progress regularly during the probation period, completing and returning University documents, and putting in place any additional actions, training and support as needed.

Information about probationary arrangements can be found on the Probation pages in StaffNet.