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School of Engineering Departmental Forums

Each of the four departments in the School of Engineering has a Departmental Forum.

The forums allow two-way open communication between members of the leadership team and members of the department. It provides visibility of important department operations (e.g. admissions, research) that affect all members of the department, allowing members to be informed even if they are not on the associated committees or directly responsible for these areas as part of their job role.

The four Department Forums can be used to resolve departmental matters or if appropriate, it can direct matters to various other department committees, such as the Department Leadership Team or to the Head of Department.

The Department Forum feeds directly into the School Board. I a matter cannot be resolved at the Department Forum the Department Forum Chair can table an agenda item at the next School Board.

More details regarding the forums and key roles can be found in the documents below. 

Frequency of meetings

The Departmental Forums will be held at the same frequency as Senate, and just before the School Board, so as to allow information to flow upwards and inform agenda items.