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Declare your personal storage locker number before Friday 9 June

12 May 2023

Complete our short form to help us better manage locker allocation and security in Engineering Building A workspace

We recently reached out to colleagues based in Engineering Building A to outline plans to audit locker allocation across open plan workspace areas. This work is being undertaken by the Service Delivery Team who will maintain a central record of locker usage in these areas, in order to improve workspace security and better manage storage availability for new starters joining the Faculty.

Providing your new locker number

You may have recently noticed each bank of lockers has been assigned its own bank number and that your personal storage locker has been re-numbered between 1 – 12. As a next step, we’d ask that all colleagues based in Engineering Building A take a moment to complete the short form below to let us know which locker you are currently using, provided in line with this new system (e.g. “Third Floor - Bank 1 – Locker 1”).

Declare your locker here

This should take no more than a minute to complete, so we would ask that you ensure this information has been provided by Friday 9 June. After this time, the Service Delivery Team will need to unlock and re-set any lockers not accounted for in their central record and remove any personal items, to ensure there’s sufficient provision for the new PGR cohort joining us in the coming months.

Any personal items removed from lockers will be stored securely and held by our Service Delivery Team until October 2023 with a record of the locker they came from so colleagues are able to contact and arrange collection of their belongings. After this time, unclaimed items will be disposed of or donated to charity where appropriate.

Please note:

  • All colleagues working in open plan areas have been allocated a single locker for personal use, so if you’re currently using more than one locker please vacate any additional lockers and declare just one using this form – details on resetting your code after vacating a locker can be found here.
  • For any colleagues currently away from the University for an extended period of time (e.g maternity leave, extended sick leave), we ask that line managers get in touch at to notify us of these colleagues and endeavour to provide information on their locker number where possible. Where this information is not known, any personal items inside these lockers will be removed and securely stored until October 2023. If the individuals’ leave is expected to exceed this time, line managers may wish to get in touch to discuss alternative arrangements for collecting these belongings.

If you have any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch at