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The 'Our Future' vision that came out in early 2020 sets the direction of travel towards increased flexibility through blended and flexible learning. Flexible Learning is a programme of work to create the right conditions and support structures to explore new ways of teaching and learning across The University of Manchester. 

Flexible Learning will explore how flexibility over pace, place, time, mode and qualification can support learners’ individual choices. We want to ensure the  future of teaching and learning at The University of Manchester is accessible, inclusive and international by developing a strategic approach with staff and students.

Following the endorsement of the ‘First steps to flexible learning’ paper by Senate in April 2021, we began developing our Flexible Learning strategy, which aims to enable, not enforce change – with it, we want to put in place the right support, processes, infrastructure and policies that will allow us to offer a university experience that is truly accessible, inclusive and international to support learners’ individual choices, as well as enabling us to be agile and adapt as the world continues to change around us.

You can find out more about the aims and scope of the programme by taking a look at the infographic below and learn more about how we’re developing the strategy on the Flexible Learning strategy pages. The Flexible Learning strategy will go to Senate for approval in October 2022.