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Diversity in The Workplace Training

Diversity in The Workplace Training

The University is taking steps to ensure its employees and students receive the appropriate training that will equip them with the necessary skills and abilities required to work and/or study in a diverse environment.  We believe it's important that employees and students are aware of their personal responsibilities as a member of the University community. 

From September 2017 the face to face TEDI training offered by Staff Learning and Development will no longer be available.  The content of this training has been absorbed into the online module.  

Additionally, colleagues involved in the recruitment of staff are also required to attend: TRS01 Recruiting at Manchester to PSS Posts or TRS02 Recruiting at Manchester to Academic/Research Posts as well as Unconscious Bias

The module is mandatory for ALL new starters with a roll out programme to cover existing staff in place - this is regardless of role or position.  Additionally, it is a University requirement to undertake this training if you are taking part in an academic promotion committee or a staff recruitment panel. We are also encouraging those who sit on student recruitment interviews to undertake the training as a way of further demonstrating our excellent good practice in the field of ED&I.  

The Module

This online module intends to support you to become familiar with equalities legislation and looks in detail at all equality groups (Age, Disability, Gender Reassignment, Marriage and Civil Partnership, Pregnancy and Maternity, Race, Religion or Belief, sex or gender and sexual orientation; It will also enable you to gain an understanding of the broader issues of equality and diversity; to know your responsibilities and rights as a member of staff of the University; read in depth case studies and examples of equality in practice.  It also helps you to identify what discrimination and bias looks like during all aspects of working at the University - from recruitment onwards - and the steps you can take in eliminating these.  

This interesting module will provide managers, staff and students with the support required to help them work more effectively in a diverse environment.
The training will take approximately one hour and can be stopped and restarted back at the same point by bookmarking at the relevant stage.
There are separate modules for staff and students - both are presented in a slightly different way and may concentrate on particular areas - however, both have the same aim and will cover the same areas.

How to sign in*

Please read instructions one to five carefully before proceeding:

  1. It is more than likely that you have been pre-registered by the ED&I team - therefore you do not need to register, but log in.
  2. Proceed to the training with this link: Diversity in The Workplace Training.
  3. You should log in with your University/ABMS/CRUK email address and the word 'password'.
  4. You will be promted to choose a new password1  
  5. You can now begin the training.

If you have not received an e-mail pre-registering you, then you should follow these steps:

  1. Select this link: Diversity in the Work Place - this will take you to an external website.
  2. You should then input your personal details, first name, last name and email address.
  3. Using the drop down menu you should scroll down until you find your directorate/section or faculty/school.  If you cannot find your section/school please contact the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Team.
  4. Once all your details are complete select 'register'.
  5. Following this you will receive an e-mail from Marshalls that will confirm your registration and provide you with a temporary password. Please check your 'junk mail' folder if you cannot see your mail confirmation.

1PLEASE NOTE: As this data is held by an external third party you must not use your University Account password when registering for this site, or when prompted to create a new password - please create an alternative password.

What will happen to my test results?

Please be assured this is not a formal assessment, it is intended to be a safe environment where you can check your existing knowledge and potentially learn something new.  Although there are some helpful quizzes along the way to test what you know this is not intended to assess any individual's knowledge of equality and diversity. A record of your completion will be transferred to your training record.
The system requires your personal details to ensure that your training record is updated and to monitor the percentage of take up in each area.

* if you require the training in an alternative format, please contact a member of the team to discuss your requirements