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The Diversity Calendar

The Diversity Calendar has been developed to help to raise awareness around the different equality groups and our University Population.  It is also a useful tool for planning vital meetings, events and exams when a large portion of the student or staff population may be unavailable.

In this section you can read all about past events hosted by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team along with events coming up that you can be involved in.

The 2019 calendar can be viewed here:

2019 Diversity Calendar

You can request a hard copy by using the details on our Contact Us Page.

Previous Years

2018 Diversity Calendar

2017 Diversity Calendar 

2016 Diversity Calendar

2015 Diversity Calendar 

2014 Events

2014 Diversity Calendar

December 2014 - Flexible Working.The University understand that we all have competing demands on our time and that there are circumstances where it might help you to be able to change your working pattern.

November 2014 – Anti-Bullying.  It is important that we create a civilised working and learning environment and to do this any bullying or harassment is unacceptable to the University-no matter how communicated.

October 2014 – Black History Month.  A full timetable of events took place. 

September 2014 – Welcome Week. Every year the University welcomes over 10,000 new students to Manchester – they join the existing 20,000+ who are here to gain an education before moving into the world of work. 

August 2014 – Diversity in Manchester.  During the month of August we took the time to see how diverse our immediate area was – was there something you could learn from a fellow colleague or student? 

July 2014 – International Staff. The University has designed an International Staff Orientation guide to help staff to adjust to living in the UK, and Manchester in particular.

June 2014 – Men’s Health.  Men’s Health Awareness Week aimed to change the way men look at their health and activity levels.

May 2014 – Mental Health Awareness. The University made a public commitment in June 2013 to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination by signing the Time to Change pledge.

April 2014 – Vaisakhi. Vaisakhi is a festival celebrated across the northern India subcontinent, especially in the Punhab region by the Sikh community.

March 2014 - In the UK this gave us the opportunity to recognise women’s rights and strive for gender equality.

February 2014 – LGBT History Month.  A full timetable of events took place. 

January 2014 – Recruitment and Promotion.  We highlighted the promotions process in January as promotion is a long time plan and it’s never too early to start familiarising yourself with the promotions procedure and criteria.

2013 Events

The 2013 calendar can be viewed here:

2013 Diversity Calendar

December 2013 - Partnerships. The University recognises Partnerships and treats all civil partners the same as married couples.

November 2013 - Dignity at Work and Study. Throughout 2013 the Equality and Diversity team have been revising the existing policy.

October 2013 - Black History Month. A full timetable of events took place. 

September 2013 - Cyberbullying. An online campaign was launched to raise awareness of this growing issue.

August 2013 - Carers. We looked at the role of those with caring responsibiliites at the university and the support available for all staff and students who may also have the role of being a carer.

July 2013 - MyView. In conjunction with HR, we undertook an extensive campaign to encourage all staff to update their equality data in MyView.

June 2013 - Disability. A large poster campaign was undertaken - concentrating on the subject of 'hidden disabilities.  the University also signed the Time to Change Pledge.

May 2013 - World Diversity Day.  People completed 'hands' on our Tree of Diversity - showing the immense diversity at the University.

April 2013 - Age.  The new peer support group for pre-retirement was launched.  

March 2013 - International Women's Day/Wellbeing Week.  We were lucky to celebrate two themes!  A full day of events took place on March 8 in recognition of International Women's Day.  this was followed by 10 days of activites for Wellbeing Week.

February 2013 - LGBT History Month.  A full timetable of events including the LGBT history of Manchester and film screenings took place.  

January 2013 - Religion and Belief - Hinduism.  We concentrated on the important Hindu festival of Makar Sankrant. 

2012 Events

The 2012 calendar can be viewed here:

2012 Diversity Calendar

December 2012 - International Day of Human Rights.  This month gave us the opportunity to observe the United Nations' Day of Human Rights on December 10.

November 2012 - Bullying and Harassment.  We raised awareness of bullying and harassment and the protection available for staff and students at the University.

October 2012 - Black History Month.  The BME staff Network Group was relaunched and welcomed many new members ensuring BME issues are highlighted and addressed.  As part of the celebrations, attenddes anjoyed a performance by Usifu Jalloh.

September 2012 - International Day of Peace.  All staff and students were reminded that this day is a day of international ceasefire in all aspects of life.

August 2012 - The Olympics and Paralympics.  This month gave us an opportunity to look at accesible sport for all.

July 2012 - Staff Network Groups.  All 10 of the staff network groups were encouraged to put on an event to promote their activities and rasie awareness about their particular group.  More details can be seen on the Staff Network Groups pages.

June 2012 - Men's Health Week.  A number of activities were organised to encourage men to get fit and active!  These included lifestyle MOT's and a squash tournament.

May 2012 - World Diversity Day.  This month was championed by the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.  A number of 'Diversity Trees' were around campus and people were encouraged to complete a hand, describing what they understood by the word 'Diversity'.  A large campaign was also undertaken to encourage all staff to update their equality data in MyView.

April 2012 - Easter.  We were able to raise awareness of this important event for Christian staff and students through our handy factsheet.

March 2012 - Mental Health Awareness Month.  Flyers and posters were distributed around campus to inform about the support available at the University.  'Post a Secret' boxes were also displayed where people could anonymously tell the world about their mental health issues.

February 2012 - LGBT History Month.  A full programme of events including same sex adoption talks, middle aged gay men seminar and a badminton tournament all took place.  

January 2012 - World Religion Day.  Awareness was raised around different religions at The University of Manchester. 

2011 Events

The second calendar saw a number of events run throughout 2011- a summary of each month appears below.  The full calendar can be accessed using the following link:

2011 Diversity Calendar

December 2011 - International Day of Volunteers and Carers.  This month was championed by the Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences.  Activities included promotion of the Flexible Working Policy and dedicated training sessions for MHS staff.

November 2011 - Stress Awareness Month.  A poster campaign around campus highlighted the different services available to staff and students at the University to help combat different types of stress.

October 2011 - Black History Month.  A full programme of activites took place all month looking at different aspects of black history.

September 2011 - Welcome Week.  This was an opportunity to celebrate the Diversity of the new intake of students to the University and introduce them to the support offered by Equality & Diversity.

August 2011 - Staff Network Groups.  All staff network groups participated in promting themselves during the month of August.  As a result all groups saw increased membership and three new staff Network Groups were created.  More information can be found by visiting the Staff Network Group Pages.

July 2011 - Unconscious Bias - The University of Manchester is leading the field into research on Unconscious Bias.  Professor Geoffrey Beattie introduced the subject to staff and students at a special seminar.

June 2011 - Men's Health Week.  A number of events took place to promote health amongst men.  These included a badminton tournament, MOT Health checks and the distribution of healthy practice booklets.

May 2011 - World Diversity Day.  The vast diversity of our University community was celebrated in May through a number of different initiatives including the 'Tree of Diversity' and the first 'Alternative Song Contest' won by FOTC. 

April 2011 - Passover.  We were able to celebrate this important Jewish festival with the circulation of this handy information sheet.

March 2011 - International Women's Day.  We marked the centenary of this day with a host of activities including a look at celebrations around the world.

February 2011 - LGBT Histroy Month.  A packed itinerary for this month included invited speakers, theatre performances, a history walk and film screenings.  

January 2011 - International Braille Day.  the year kicked off with a look at how people with visual impairments are supported at the University.