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The Diversity Calendar

The Diversity Calendar has been developed to help to raise awareness around the different equality groups and our University Population.  It is also a useful tool for planning vital meetings, events and exams when a large portion of the student or staff population may be unavailable.

In this section you can read all about past events hosted by the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion team along with events coming up that you can be involved in.

The 2019 calendar can be viewed here:

2019 Diversity Calendar

February LGBT History Month 2019 

4th February: Introduced by Senior Champion Karen Heaton.  Launch of LGBTHM with screening of Turner Prize winning 'BRIDGIT'. 

6th February: The Rainbow Ride in conjunction with UMBUG.  Cycle to work in your best rainbow outfit or just a pair of rainbow laces* and enjoy a free breakfast at Momento Eat Cafe in Royal Manchester Children's Hospital.

7th February: Time to Talk.  We take mental health very seriously. Come and share your expereinces or listen to others over tea, coffee and cake.  Full details here.

13th February: LGBT and Wellbeing.  Our History past, present and future.  Learn and 'take notice'. 

20th February: Personal Histories - It Gets Better.  The launch of our 2019 podcast series with Gaydio's Emma Goswell and Christine Burnes MBE - hear personal stories and find out how you can tell your own. 22nd February: The Rainbow Ramble.  If runing and cycling isn't for you, then enjoy a stroll around campus with MCRSTROLLERS.  

28th February: The Rainbow Run in conjunction with UMRUN.  Run to work in your best rainbow outfit or just a pair of rainbow laces* and enjoy a free breakfast.

28th February: 12.15pm Book Group - Fingersmith. 

8th March: International Women's Day

You can request a hard copy by using the details on our Contact Us Page.

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